Who am I?

I am a data science practitioner. I love Math, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data. I look forward to sharing experience with all data science enthusiasts! Please feel free to reach me out!

Why do this blog?

What will you do when you come across a new model that you never touch before? You have to understand the math and equations behind the model and jump into the complicated codes simultaneously. Will you look for help from the textbook? Youtube Video? Coursera? All of them are frustrating because they are time-consuming and full of redundant description. All you need to do is searching for the most relevant blogs and follow their guidance.

I came up with the idea to have a data science blog when I was in my PhD program. During that time, most of my data science skills were learned from some popular blogs such as Machine Learning Mastery, Analytics Vidhya. I believe that following the guidance and sample codes of blog articles step by step is one of the most efficient ways to study data science and models. Since then, writing high-quality and easy-to-digest blog articles with the full version codes became my big hobby.

What do I provide?

My blog contains many data science related articles but is not limited to data science. It covers math, artificial intelligence, analytics, programming, and environment setup tutorials for big data and data analytics. My aim is that as long as you follow my blog articles step by step, you can definitely master the new skills of data science in the shortest time.

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